State Board Officers:
Congratulations to the new State Board Officers!

Chaplain: Fr. Noel O’Connor
National President: Mary Hogan
President: Maureen Kelly
Vice President: Kittie Higgins
Secretary: Stacey Blair
Treasurer: Barbara Weir
Historian: Pam Teunis
Missions & Charities: Kathleen Bade
Catholic Action: Kathleen Kelly
Organizer: Sue Lauster
FFAI: Eileen Marshall
ByLaws: Agnes Gowdy
Publicity: Ann Aschenbrener
Webmaster: Sue McNichols


See National LAOH President page for photos & information Maureen has been involved with.

Join Our Lady of Limerick Division for their 8th annual Hunger Awareness Walk from 1-3pm at the walking trails of Flint Township Park. See division page for more info and flyer.

Dinner and concert featuring Blackthorn. See Division page for more info and attached flyer

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