State Board Officers:

Chaplain: Fr. Noel O’Connor
National President: Patricia O’Connell
President: Maureen Kelly
Vice President: Kittie Higgins
Secretary: Stacey Blair
Treasurer: Barbara Weir
Historian: Pam Teunis
Missions & Charities: Kathleen Bade
Catholic Action: Kathleen Kelly
Organizer: Sue Lauster
FFAI: Eileen Marshall
ByLaws: Agnes Gowdy
Publicity: Ann Aschenbrener
Webmaster: Sue McNichols

Sponsored by LAOH Rose Kennedy Division craftshowflyer-1-2016

Sponsored by the LAOH McAuley Division. More details to follow


Rose Kennedy Division
Ethel Kennedy Division
Catherine McAuley Division
Trinity Division