Trinity – Wayne County

Meetings – 4th Sunday of Month, 12:30pm – Plymouth Library

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Dottie Kelly


Vice President
Maureen Treppa


Rec. Secretary
Katherine Higgins


Fin.  Secretary
Aileen Maga


Kathy Brotchner


Irish Historian
Janine Duggan


Catholic Action


Missions & Charities


Mistress at Arms
Jessica Kelly


Meagan Lynch



Sarah Regan Division Irish tea Information

The Radiant Light Women’s conference is open to all women who would like to attend.  Details on registration are attached or can be accessed at Radiant Light 2018

We are collecting donations for the Pope Francis Warming Center where our LAOH State Chaplin, Fr. Tim McCabe is the executive Director.  A list of items that are needed is attached and cash donations are always accepted. Pope Francis Center Wish List

Rose Kennedy Division
Ethel Kennedy Division
Catherine McAuley Division
Trinity Division