Sr. Annette Marie Byrne – Kent County

Our division serves Irish Catholic women in the Grand Rapids area.  Please contact our president if you are interested in joining us.

President                      Kathy Edington 

Vice President              Dianne Mankel

Rec. Secretary              Rebecca Osborn

Fin.  Secretary              Jennifer Wardrop

Treasurer                     Judy Doyle

Irish Historian            Mary Howing

Catholic Action          Lisa Johns

Missions & Charities   Gail Palasek

Mistress at Arms         Arlene Middleton

Sentinel                      Kathy Herdegen


This is the place to find all the latest information on both National and State Conventions planned. Per the LAOH Constitution, conventions will be held every other year with the National conventions being held on even years and the State conventions held on odd years. The purpose of conventions is to elect new officers for […]

2022 Detroit St. Patrick’s Day Parade Events The United Irish Societies, of which the LAOH is a member, leads the planning efforts for the annual St. Patrick’s Parade. Leading up the parade there are numerous events to raise funds, honor the Grand Marshall, the Queen of the UIS ( United Irish Societies) and promote Irish […]

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