Irish Writing Contest

The National Essay Winners for 2014 are:

LEVEL 1  GIANTS CAUSEWAY                                 LEVEL 2   THE BOOK OF KELLS
1st place  Emma Fawcett   $500.00 N. Carolina          1st place      Sheelagh Jackson     $1000.00 Ohio
2nd place  Gianna Mehl      $250.00   PA
3rd place   Tommy Liuzzo   $125.00 VA                       2nd place    Kelsey Reiser           $500.00 PA
Hon mention Zachary Sorgini $ 50.00   PA                3rd place  Michael Hessler           $250.00 MT
Hon Mention Ellie Kuoppala  $50.00    MT                Hon Mention  David Pedler           $100.00 Mich
Hon Mentin John F Patterson        $100.00 VA

The State Irish Essay Winners for 2014 Are:

Level 1 – Junior High

#1 Sam Pedler    submitted by Sr. Annette Byrne Division

#2 Sarah Gum   submitted by Rose Kennedy Division

Level 2 – Senior High:

#1 Carrington Galardi    submitted by Mary of the Gael
#2 Anthony Volk  submitted by Mary of the Gael
#3 David Pedler  submitted by Sr. Annette Byrne Division





Sarah Mains, National Irish Historian

National Irish History Writing Contest Information

2013-2014 National LAOH Irish History Writing

Contest Themes

Level 1 2013-2014 Year “Giant’s Causeway – Fact and Folklore Grades 6-8

Level 2 2013- 2014 Year “The Book of Kells – Its Origin and Present Day Influence” Grades 9-12

Contest Timelines

· Contest Opens September 2013

· Division Level Submissions are due by January 15, 2014

· County Level Submissions are due by February 15, 2014

· State Level Submissions are due by March 15, 2014

· National Level Submissions are to be postmarked by April 15, 2014

You may contact your National Irish Historian Sally Mains by email at I look forward to working with you as your National Irish Historian during this 2012-2014 term of office.

Winners posted on webpage. See link on left.

Sr Annette Marie Division
Rose Kennedy Division
Ethel Kennedy Division
Catherine McAuley Division