Irish Writing Contest

The National Essay Winners for 2014 are:

LEVEL 1  GIANTS CAUSEWAY                                 LEVEL 2   THE BOOK OF KELLS
1st place  Emma Fawcett   $500.00 N. Carolina          1st place      Sheelagh Jackson     $1000.00 Ohio
2nd place  Gianna Mehl      $250.00   PA
3rd place   Tommy Liuzzo   $125.00 VA                       2nd place    Kelsey Reiser           $500.00 PA
Hon mention Zachary Sorgini $ 50.00   PA                3rd place  Michael Hessler           $250.00 MT
Hon Mention Ellie Kuoppala  $50.00    MT                Hon Mention  David Pedler           $100.00 Mich
Hon Mentin John F Patterson        $100.00 VA

The State Irish Essay Winners for 2014 Are:

Level 1 – Junior High

#1 Sam Pedler    submitted by Sr. Annette Byrne Division

#2 Sarah Gum   submitted by Rose Kennedy Division

Level 2 – Senior High:

#1 Carrington Galardi    submitted by Mary of the Gael
#2 Anthony Volk  submitted by Mary of the Gael
#3 David Pedler  submitted by Sr. Annette Byrne Division





Sarah Mains, National Irish Historian

National Irish History Writing Contest Information

2013-2014 National LAOH Irish History Writing

Contest Themes

Level 1 2013-2014 Year “Giant’s Causeway – Fact and Folklore Grades 6-8

Level 2 2013- 2014 Year “The Book of Kells – Its Origin and Present Day Influence” Grades 9-12

Contest Timelines

· Contest Opens September 2013

· Division Level Submissions are due by January 15, 2014

· County Level Submissions are due by February 15, 2014

· State Level Submissions are due by March 15, 2014

· National Level Submissions are to be postmarked by April 15, 2014

You may contact your National Irish Historian Sally Mains by email at I look forward to working with you as your National Irish Historian during this 2012-2014 term of office.

Nov. 22 and 23rd at the AOH Hall Click on Christmas flyer here or go to Rose Kennedy Division page for details

Winners posted on webpage. See link on left.

Sr Annette Marie Division
Rose Kennedy Division
Ethel Kennedy Division
Catherine McAuley Division