Sr. Annette Marie Byrne – Kent County

Meetings – 2nd Sunday of Month

If you have any questions or want to learn more about LAOH please contact Dianne Mankel at

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Dianne Mankel


Vice President
Laurie Dunning


Rec. Secretary
Rebecca Osborn


Fin. Secretary
Geri Kay Scudder


Jennifer Wardrop


Irish Historian
Bess Walthorn


Catholic Action
Kathy Edington


Missions & Charities
Ruth High


Mistress at Arms
Lil Vroma


Lisa Johns

The much anticipated History of the LAOH is available for purchase. The books are $25.00 plus postage and the order form can be found on the National LAOH website

Rose Kennedy Division
Ethel Kennedy Division
Catherine McAuley Division
Trinity Division