Our Lady of Limerick – Genessee County

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Kitty Kelly

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Debra Grigani

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Irish Historian
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Catholic Action
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Sharon Reitz

Mistress at Arms
Kathleen Bade

Colleen Tinnin

       IRISH Heritage Day Presented by the Rose Kennedy Division of the LAOH Sunday, March 3, 2019 AOH Hall  /  25300 Five Mile Rd Redford, MI 48239 Save the Date:  Sunday, March 3, 2019.       * Mass at Noon Ladies & Men of the LAOH & AOH- Please join the Rose Kennedy Division in celebrating our […]

Barb Weir, Stacey Blair, Mary Marx, Maureen Lesandak and Patty Martin in front of the the LOAH display.  The display was a way of introducing our Order to women who attend the Radiant Light event.

We are collecting donations for the Pope Francis Warming Center where our LAOH State Chaplin, Fr. Tim McCabe is the executive Director.  A list of items that are needed is attached and cash donations are always accepted. Pope Francis Center Wish List

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