Ethel Kennedy – Macomb County


Meetings – 2nd Monday of Month

Newsletter:   Ethel Kennedy – February 2017 Newsletter and Attachments

 Ethel Kennedy Division members with Betty Littlejohn


Cindy Lloyd


Vice President
Stephanie Newberry


Rec. Secretary
Shannon Gales


Fin. Secretary
Kathy Taranto


Stacey Blair


Irish Historian
Agnes Gowdy


Catholic Action
Monica Taubitz


Missions & Charities
Chris Gorsline


Mistress at Arms
Doris McCarville


Sharon Keelan

Sunday, March 5th  –  Sponsored by Rose Kennedy Division Read more for  HERITAGE DAY FLYER

PAINT & PIZZA PARTY 2017 Sponsored by the LAOH McAuley Division. See attached flyer for details.

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