Elizabeth Fagan – Wayne County

Meetings – 3rd Tuesday of Month

email address for Division information:  LAOHElizabethFagan@hotmail.com

Barbara Weir


Vice President
Cinda Riley


Rec. Secretary
Patti McGovern


Fin. Secretary
Pat Burba


Mary Marx


Irish Historian
Annie Marx


Catholic Action
Kit Belvitch


Missions & Charities
Valerie Evers Bernacki


Mistress at Arms
Helen Pardo


Phyllis Richards, Alternate – Mary Jane Egan



Please join us on December 2nd and 3rd at Our Lady of Victory Church in Northville for a spectacular viewing of the “Christmas Story” as illustrated by private collections of Nativity sets.  The purpose of “No Room at the Inn” is to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by focusing on the birth of the […]

(See flyer for details)

Rose Kennedy Division
Ethel Kennedy Division
Catherine McAuley Division
Trinity Division